Who is Rodney?

With a Masters (MSc) in Big Data, as well as a BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and a wealth of experience in different fields, most of Rodney's work touches on social good.

Having built Alt Ed (a mental health organisation), Rodney's goals as the founder was to raise awareness of, and support those with, mental illnesses.

Though currently a Machine Learning Product Manager, Rodney has experience as a Founder, a Consultant, a Public Speaker, a Researcher, a Social Media Manager, an Event Organiser, and more.

He has collaborated with, or spoken at, some of the following organisations on a number of topics centred around mental health: Deloitte, M&C Saatchi, Warwick University, Kent University, Leicester University, Chip (FinTech), Plum (FinTech), Finimize (FinTech), The Middle Temple Student Association.

Rodney is currently working on a number of new projects which can be found on the 'About' page. For any enquires, reach out via the 'Contact' page.

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Below are some of the projects Rodney has worked on or is currently working on.

From left to right (or if on mobile, from top to bottom): Mental Health Project (Alt Ed UK), productivity app, writing, water project, creative work, talks/workshops.

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  • Occupation: product manager.

  • Projects: Water project, productivity app, writing.

  • Enjoyment: thinking (philosophy + ethics), basketball, video games, music, tech.

  • Other: Official Mental health first aider, Interact fellow, YSYS community, RSA fellow.


  • Occupation: angel investor, therapist, teacher.

  • Projects: money management e-book, philosophy e-book, "saturday school".


  • Projects: Mental health project (founder of @AltEdUK), digitising politics (introducing e-voting, giving partial control of taxes to the people) and making it accessible to all (@politicsunlocked), financial education (money management talks and workshops).

  • Corporate experience: Google, Citi, Goldman Sachs, RBS, Bloomberg, August Equity, NCSoft, + more.

  • Creative endeavours: drawing, photography, design, music production.

  • Education: Philosophy, Politics and Economics BSc. (Undergrad). Big Data & Digital Futures MSc. (Masters).


If you are interested in booking Rodney for talks, workshops or consultations, please reach out via email or Twitter DMs.

To discuss any of the topics mentioned on this website (philosophy, tech, product management, mental health, etc.), reach out via Twitter DMs.